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Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Juan-Pablo Cisneros
Graphic Designer

B.A. in communication (University of New Hampshire, USA)
Post-graduate studies in multimedia (Haute École de Arts Appliqués, Geneva, Switzerland)
8 year experience in graphic design

Lang.: Français, English, Espagnol


Put together by Jonathan Melnick, specializes in software solutions. Be it online or onsite, their applications bring together usability and latest technologies.

Eric Rossier

Photographer specialized on high quality image production and post-production. He graduated from the prestigious École de Photographie de Vevey winning the first price in 2007.

Inkei Communication

Founded by Denis Inkei: The agency focuses on media relations and communication strategy.

Sounds Good

Soundsgood uses music and sound to convey information in a unique, dynamic, innovative and targeted way.